World's first dedicated provider of ammonia fuel handling solutions

We develop and deliver tailored bunkering solutions for ammonia fuel and technology for ammonia fuel handling

Building an ammonia fuel bunkering network

Azane Fuel Solutions is planning an ammonia bunkering network together  with industry leading companies from the entire ammonia value chain. The network is supported by the Green Platform Initiative and will provide ammonia bunkering opportunities for ships along the Scandinavian coast, making it possible for ship owners to realize low and zero carbon emissions for their operations. Azane Fuel Solutions plan to start construction of the first terminals in 2024 and be ready for first bunkering operations by end of 2025. This will showcase ammonia as a carbon free, safe and reliable fuel for the shipping industry.


Azane Fuel Solutions delivers complete solutions for bunkering of refrigerated ammonia and Ammonia handling, processing and integrated solutions for maritime applications

Bunkering solutions

Based on our unique technology, we offer bunkering terminals tailored to the specific location taking into account the expected fuel demand, type of ships that will bunker, the local conditions at the harbour. Our bunkering solutions aim to be the safest, most reliable and efficient bunker terminals on the market.

Ammonia handling

We can offer the entire range of solutions required to process and handle ammonia as a fuel or a cargo. Our solutions have been developed in close collaboration with ammonia industry experts, end users and location owners.


AZANE FUEL SOLUTIONS can offer integrated safety solutions for ammonia fuel terminals and other applications.

  • Leak prevention and mitigation solutions to minimize risk and safety distances.

  • Solutions for gas freeing, inerting and safe handling as part of transfer operations.

  • Solutions for minimum venting of ammonia to the atmosphere as part of operations.

  • Other customized safety solutions.

Our services

Our main offering are turn-key deliveries, but we also offer a stepwise service from feasibility study, via engineering & approvals, to construction, installation, T&C and finally start of operations, or alternatively – those services offered separately. For terminals in operation, we offer a wide range of service contracts from full operational execution, to maintenance, condition monitoring and periodical control.


We offer location specific feasibility studies to help our clients make informed investment decisions and prepare documentation for dialogues with local governments. Feasibility studies usually involve an initial risk assessment, a technical concept solution, and can also involve commercial market research for ammonia fuel in the desired location.

Location & Project Development

We carry out location & project development together with local stakeholders. Location development is usually carried out after or/and in parallel with initial feasibility studies and involves assessing optimaltechnical solutions for a specific site, carrying out risk studies, site specific engineering and dialogues and approvals with local stakeholders and other regulatory bodies.


We offer all relevant engineering services from concept design to start of operations. We design solutions, conduct risk assessments, prepare applications to relevant government agencies, perform calculations and issue technical documentation. We can offer EPCI, or act as Project Managers for the Builder.


When the bunkering terminal starts operations, we can take full operational responsibility on behalf of the Owner. Alternatively, we train personnel in the safe use of the bunkering terminal and general ammonia bunkering safety. We can offer regular maintenance & overhauls, condition monitoring and accredited periodical control.

ABout us

We are dedicated to help decarbonize shipping by developing innovative technologies for bunkering terminals, cargo handling systems, and other ammonia fuel handling systems. Over the last few years, we have developed a unique technology that can offer fast, safe, and flexible bunkering of ammonia, and we are now ready to construct the world’s first dedicated bunkering terminal

Why Ammonia?