Ammonia Handling

Complete cargo handling system

The Azane ammonia cargo handling system is a complete system for storage and handling of refrigerated ammonia as a cargo or as a fuel on bunkering terminals / barges.

The system can be delivered standard for bunkering applications or tailor made for other maritime or land applications.

Included modules with Azane cargo handling system:

  • azaFLEX® vapor management & reliquefication system
  • Control & automation system & separate safety control system
  • Complete transfer system including CTS, piping, hoses, couplings
  • Ammonia handling system with piping, valves, instrumentation
  • Insulated type C storage tank including pump(s)
  • Built in ammonia safety systems incl release mitigation system


Azane Fuel Solutions proprietary ammonia vapor handling system – azaFLEX®. The azaFLEX system ensures efficient vapor handling, cooling & reliquefication of ammonia – ensuring ammonia is safely stored and delivered as liquid at -33°C.

 The azaFLEX system can be used on bunkering terminals requiring vapor management or for other applications such as gas carriers and land applications.


  • Flexible: Built in flexibility with possibility of several different modes for vapor handling, cooling, and recondensation of ammonia.
  • Ammonia as secondary coolant: Cascade cooling function using product (ammonia) as cooling medium – no external coolants/refrigerant needed.
  • Separates impurities: Built in separator for non condensables, removing impurities (mainly O2 and N2) from terminal ammonia handling system. Also enabling vapor return with N2 and O2.
  • Easy installation: Skid based and/or containerized with minimum footprint.
  • Enables up to 2x higher bunkering transfer rate with vapor return, compared to conventional systems with same compressor capacity.

Integrated solutions

Azane offers a range of integrated solutions that can also be delivered as separate products:

  • Ammonia cargo heater for applications requiring heating of product before delivery.
  • Transfer manifolds with CTS, valves and instrumentation
  • Systems for ammonia emissions & release mitigation – ensuring no toxic releases or ammonia odour.
  • Ammonia gas detection system
  • Other safety systems and equipment for minimizing ammonia leak risk

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