bunkering SOlutions

Onshore bunkering terminal

The onshore bunkering terminal is a good solution for locations within industrial zones or harbors, with available land area to facilitate a land terminal.

 The onshore-based bunkering solution allows for direct ship bunkering alongside the quay, or transfer to a bunkering barge. Larger versions of the system can also function as bunkering storage terminals, serving a fleet of bunkering vessels. The system is capable of receiving ammonia from tank trucks and ships, in compressed, semi-refrigerated or fully refrigerated state.

Floating bunkering terminal

Our floating bunkering solutions are flexible and movable, and thus ideal for the early years of the shift to ammonia fuel, when the first vessels may have to bring their own fuelling station to their most common ports of call.

 The stationary floating bunkering terminal offers an ideal solution for projects where available land space is limited or there is a high activity level on land. It will typically be moored or chained to quay and may function as an extension of quay, thus reducing need for quay investments. No ammonia land infrastructure is needed and since it is floating it can be relocated or replaced if the terminal is no longer needed or if larger capacities are required.

bunker vessel

The Azane self-propelled bunkering barge (bunker vessel) presents a good solution for end users or locations with restricted land space, large bunkering volumes, and a need for operational flexibility. Bunkering and loading will be done ship to ship either mid sea at anchorage or alongside when receiving vessel is at quay, removing need of going to dedicated bunkering quays. It is thus an ideal solution for vessels requiring the large volume pr bunkering and for applications where bunkering at dedicated quays are challenging.







Related services

Our main offering are turn-key deliveries, but we also offer a stepwise service from feasibility study, via engineering & approvals, to construction, installation, T&C and finally start of operations, or alternatively – those services offered separately. For terminals in operation, we offer a wide range of service contracts from full operational execution, to maintenance, condition monitoring and periodical control. 

AZANE FUEL SOLUTIONS can provide the following services related to our bunkering solutions:

  • Concept and feasibility studies to make an early assessment of feasibility, necessary capacities, and concept selection.
  • Location development, concept design & pre-project work including assessment of ammonia fuel logistics and site-specific engineering. This can also include:
    • Establishing basis of design.
    • Operations preparations and training for terminal owners and operators.
    • Organizing relevant safety work such as HAZIDs, HAZOPs and other safety and risk studies.
  • Permitting processes including applications and dialogue with relevant authorities and other 3rd parties.
  • Full project management responsibility from pre-project to project execution and delivery.