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Floating Solutions

Our floating bunkering solutions are flexible and movable, and thus ideal for the early years of the shift to ammonia fuel, when the first vessels may have to bring their own fuelling station to their most common ports of call. After that, a floating bunkering solution will retain its flexibility, and will be useful also to bunker ships at anchorage. The system is capable of receiving ammonia from tank trucks, ships and trains, in compressed, semi-refrigerated or fully refrigerated state.

AZANE FUEL SOLUTIONS can provide the following services related to floating ammonia bunkering terminals

  • Concept and feasibility studies to make an early assessment of feasibility, necessary capacities, concept selection and design.

  • Pre-project work including assessment of ammonia fuel logistics and site-specific engineering.

  • Operations preparations and training for terminal owners and operators.

  • Organizing relevant safety work such as HAZIDs, HAZOPs and other safety and risk studies.

  • Permitting processes including applications and dialogue with relevant authorities and other 3rd parties.

  • Full project management responsibility from pre-project to project execution and delivery.

  • Operations support, spare parts management and other operations services.

Floating bunkering terminals

Floating bunkering terminals are a necessary companion to shore based facilities for a rapidly expanding value chain for ammonia bunkering, with the possibility of centralised production and the potential for rapid upscaling. 

Floating solutions will alleviate onshore space requirements and can potentially reduce the extent of the onshore safety zones, allowing better utilisation of the onshore space for other activities.

The floating bunkering terminal will have the same value propositions and functionality as for shore based bunkering terminals:

  • Modular and scalable
  • Flexible storage optimised for safety
  • Ammonia delivery from all sources
  • Reliable and available
  • Innovative BOG handling system
  • Intrinsically safe design

Azane Fuel Solutions

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