Ammonia Fuel Bunkering Network.

Together with leading project consortium partners, we are building the first hubs in an ammonia fuel bunkering network, realizing a complete green ammonia fuel value chain from production to consumption, in Norway. Over time, the network will grow to span the globe, enjoying the same scale benefits as hydrocarbon fuels today, and eventually achieving cost leadership for carbon free shipping.


An innovative, flexible, modular and scalable bunkering hub will be developed and piloted in a Norwegian port during the AFBN project.

The entire ammonia fuel value chain from production to consumption will be studied, optimised and integrated in order to maximise efficiency and minimise costs, removing a significant barrier for zero-carbon fuel adoption.

The project will optimise the bunkering facility (storage/loading/bunkering) for risk minimisation.

The project will give recommendations related to risk assessment and tolerance levels of ammonia exposure towards surroundings of a facility, balancing the need to limit exposure to neighbours and the operational aspects of the site, and finally to demonstrate the approach in practice.