About Econnect energy

About ECOnnect Energy

ECOnnect Energy was founded in 2012 driven by the belief that clean energy should be accessible and affordable. Challenging “business as usual” in the maritime, shipping and energy sectors, ECOnnect Energy pioneered the world’s first jettyless transfer of LNG, addressing the need for a cost-effective and environmentally-sound solution in the LNG value chain.  

Located in Oslo, Norway, ECOnnect Energy is positioned among many innovative companies leading the technology revolution in offshore energy.

In the beginning ECOnnect Energy wanted to simplify LNG transfer from ship to shore; after extensive analysis and interviews with maritime companies, experts and ship captains, it was apparent that there was a tremendous opportunity to simplify LNG cargo offloading and berthing possibilities. Today, ECOnnect Energy assists the midstream, downstream and maritime markets with a jettyless IQuay™ transfer system. The IQuay technology features a game-changing floating platform system for loading, reloading and bunkering of LNG, renewable fuels and CO2 for sequestration without the need for invasive, time-and cost-intensive fixed infrastructure.


Drammensveien 126A 0277 Oslo, Norway
ECOnnect Energy AS International ASA
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