Amon Maritime was founded on the idea that ammonia fuel will propel the zero emission shipping revolution. We are a maritime project development company, working with leading technology, commercial, and financial partners, to realize the first ammonia – powered ships – and thus realize our vision of creating the World’s first carbon free shipping company. Ammonia, NH3, does not contain carbon, and will therefore not release any CO2 into the atmosphere when utilized to generate power.As a zero carbon fuel, ammonia can be produced by combining water, air and renewable energy, and is therefore highly scalable.

 This is commonly referred to as «green ammonia». Another promising production method is combining natural gas feedstock with carbon capture and storage technology, stopping the carbon separated from the natural gas at the production site, and safely storing it – commonly referred to as «blue ammonia».

Compared to other zero carbon fuels, ammonia is preferable due to the relative ease of storage and handling, cost, low explosivity, scalability and superior volumetric energy density. Key challenges to be overcome by technical barriers and safety measures are high toxicity and corrosivity. Initially, zero carbon ammonia will be offered at a cost premium compared to MGO and other conventional marine fuels. In time, we expect zero carbon ammonia to compete successfully on cost


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